Yet Another Method For Making Scrambled Eggs
Prep:5 m
Cook:15 m
Total:20 m

Yet Another Method For Making Scrambled Eggs



My dear egg lovers, if you haven’t tried this method, you must try it ASAP. I discovered it a few years back and still think it’s one of the best ways to cook an egg.


  • 2 eggs (fresh and organic are the best);
  • a pat of butter;
  • toppings of choice or nothing.


  1. Separate the eggs. You can perform this in a pan. Simply avoid touching the yolk until the whites are cooked.
  2. On low heat, melt the butter in a pan and pour in the whites. Once they begin getting white (what else could they possibly do?), start stirring them.
  3. When the whites aren’t raw anymore, add the yolks.
  4. Keep stirring. The heat is still low. The yolk should be done, but we still want the end result to be moist. That’s it.

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