Spicy and Crispy Eggs on Toast
Prep:5 m
Cook:10 m
Total:15 m

Spicy and Crispy Eggs on Toast



This recipe was published on my old cooking blog, and I remember that whoever tried it, said it was perfect. They even asked me to open up a restaurant. Well, maybe in 2030.


  • 1 slice of bread;
  • olive oil;
  • 12 of a small avocado;
  • 14 of bell pepper;
  • hot sauce of choice;
  • chili flakes;
  • 1 egg;
  • Sriracha


  1. I’m hoping you don’t need instructions for toasting your bread and mashing the avocado. I added a few drops of chili sauce into the avocado and seasoned it with salt. Then spread it on my toast.
  2. Add a drop of olive oil to your pan and cook the sliced pepper for a minute. It goes on top of the avocado.
  3. I wanted my egg crispy, so I heated my oily pan until it was smoking hot. Literally. Only then should you add the egg to the pan. There will be weird sounds and fireworks.
  4. Let it cook, uncovered, for about 4 minutes, until the white is decent enough for eating. Season with salt and chili flakes. The bottom of the egg will be brown and crunchy, while the egg yolk will remain runny.
  5. Top your sandwich with the egg, and, if required, top with Sriracha. I like my food salty and spicy, so I was generous with it.

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