Creamy Sauerkraut and Cauliflower Soup
Prep:10 m
Cook:40 m
Total:50 m
Cuisine:Eastern European Hangover Cure
Course:Lunch Dinner

Creamy Sauerkraut and Cauliflower Soup



I initially made this soup as an experiment, but the result has pleasantly surprised me. I even had a second helping. And when I put it in the fridge, I may have had a few spoonfuls straight from there. That’s why I think it would be great for summer, too – it’s just as great when cold. The soup is super creamy, even though there’s no cream in it. I think my pot is about 4.5 l, so the ingredients are measured for it.


  • 12 small cauliflower;
  • a couple of handfuls of sauerkraut;
  • 1 potato;
  • 12 turnip or celery root; substitute with potatoes, if you don’t have any;
  • fat for frying;
  • poultry or veggie stock; – onion; – garlic;
  • salt;
  • pepper; – bay leaves.


  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, chop your cauliflower and root veggies and add them to the pot.
  2. Heat the pan on medium heat, add the fat and fry chopped onion and garlic. Add them to the pot, followed by sauerkraut, any seasoning, and bay leaves. Cook for 40 minutes.
  3. Take away from the heat, blend carefully and enjoy.
  4. You can improve your soup with a couple of drops of olive oil, baked cauliflower, croutons, crispy bacon, or some fresh thyme and hard cheese. I didn’t add any of those because I felt it was perfect as it was, but if I had some guests over and wanted to woo them with good looks, I’d try the roasted cauliflower.

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